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Wine industry news that’ll hit your piggy bank in a positive way… but after Brexit and Covid, there are now petrol and driver shortages that have impacted the UK wine industry supply chain. Can you believe it?

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What a crazy couple of years… Now the fuel shortages are just the latest in a long string of supply chain issues that the wine sector has faced. For the last year or so, the industry had to be very flexible with the approach to distribution to be able to bring solutions in to react to the never-ending challenges thrown up by a combination of Covid and Brexit.

A shortage of freight capacity and a severe lack of HGV drivers and petrol shortage are increasing pressure on the UK’s drink distribution network, creating inevitable delays in the supply chain and frustrated shoppers.

Where is my wine? Why do they stop stocking it? I can’t get hold of my favourite bottle?

Some of the big wine negociants have been affected by these issues therefore they do not meet the highest levels of service that customers have come to expect from them.

It is not always bad news and after the storm comes the sun and according to the Sunday Times, Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to announce a landmark overhaul in the way that alcohol is taxed as part of next week’s Budget announcement.

Here’s what you need to know:
1. The plan is to abandon the premium on sparkling wine as well as reducing the duty on fizz to the same level as that on still wine, which the paper calculated will knock 83p off a bottle
2. It is also understood that duties will be restructured to give both English and Welsh sparkling wine a tax advantage over foreign sparkling wines, such as Champagne and Prosecco

Happy days, it’s about time to be able to pay a bit less for a decent bottle of bubbly!

So we’re looking out to sea to bring the adVINture of wine to your doorstep. We’re recommending a little sparkle & sweetness to you with our USA Sparkling Chardonnay from New York of all places and fortified sweet wine from Uruguay!

Brotherhood Sparkling Chardonnay – This premium sparkling wine is fermented from 100% New York Chardonnay, harvested early to capture the crisp acidity and bright fruit character of these grapes. The small elegant bubbles add a festive elegance to any celebration.
Tasting Note:
Crisp with active effervescence, this wine has a bright aroma of pears and light yeasty note. The flavors are dry without being hard, full but perfectly balanced with the minerality distinctly found in New York Chardonnay
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Coming from a 17ha vineyard, located next to the coast, whether the river Plate estuary meets the Atlantic Ocean. Their soils consist of calcareous white and brown clays. Using no insecticide and dry no-till farming, the family practices sustainable farming, with minimal intervention viticulture and hand harvesting. This unique wine combines two different techniques for dessert wines, barolo chinato and marsala.
Tasting note:
Honey-like texture. Aromas of winter flowers, Madagascan vanilla bean, white cacao souffle, dark cherries. Savory and lonesome finish.

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