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Malbec or Malbec …

adVINture Malbec

Malbec is a wine we immediately jump to link with Argentina: dark purple bursting with succulent red-berry and black fruits, smooth, approachable tannins, balanced acidity perfectly partnered with a steak. 

The French grape travelled to Argentina from France. Making the Mendoza region one of the most notorious regions making Malbec.

The structure of Argentinian Malbec has a lot of very ripe fruit but lower acidity overall, while the French Malbec the structure is built around the freshness of dark blackberry fruit, and higher acidity. Malbec is a style of wine that is a perfect partner for a variety of meaty and textured dishes. The lighter-bodied, young and fruitier styles with charcuterie; the higher-alcohol wines with steak, roast beef and venison, and more substantial vegetarian dishes such as burnt aubergine, roasted root vegetables – in fact anything thrown on the grill – meat or veg – will taste great with a glass or two. While the French Malbec is looking more for slow-cooked dishes or a creamy goats cheese. Why not try one of our Malbecs?

You can go French with Domaine de la Provenquiere a scrumptious blend of Malbec & Petit-Verdot grapes that is a beautiful translucent garnet colour with aromas of bilberries, raspberries, notes of red fruits in brandy and is also Vegan. Or even our Domaine Bonnigal-Bodet, Touraine Rouge Diaboli’Cot’ to be enjoyed with a nice beef chop on the barbecue, or simply with friends as an aperitif.

Or do you choose Argentinian – we have a few final bottles of our tasty El Supremo with strong dark fruits and a meaty flavour. As well as plenty of Bodega Tapiz Reserva 2019 classic strong dark fruit flavours and a very smooth dry finish or Bodega Tapiz 2020 that is powerful and punchy, yet still smooth with both the oak and acidity in balance.

Or why not try all of them!

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