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This month’s seasonal cases have been curated with the summer weather very much in mind. We have the perfect Pizza case full of delicious wines to devour with your favourite pie. Similarly we have created a delicious ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ case full of fresh whites and fruity reds to share with friends and family in the sun. We have also brought together wines from Burgundy and Rhone to give you a real taste of these world class regions. As ever we also have strong showings from Italy, Spain and the Southern Hemisphere. 

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The Burgundy Case

Burgundy is home to some of the finest wines in the world, a region admired and enjoyed the world over, consolidating a significant part of our renowned portfolio. This case has been tailored by our experts to highlight some of our best valued cuvees from renowned Burgundian producers. Containing wines from Chablis down to Mâconnais, this case gives you a great sense and experience of this regions stunning ability.

£204.00 £191.76 (6x75cl)
Available: 3

Last of the Summer Wines

With summer drawing to a close, we are keen to make the most of the final days of good weather and the long(ish) evenings. In celebration of this we’ve created our “Last of the Summer Wines” Case. Perfect with any picnic or BBQ. We have two powerful reds to have with your grilled meats, a Cava Rose to celebrate with in the sun, along with two whites and a rosé to sip in the garden.

£155.00 £145.70 (6x75cl)
Available: 7

THe Pizza Case

The diversity of pizza is incredible nowaday as is the selection of wines that go with this cheesy delight. That’s why we’ve put together some smashable drinkers to devour with your favourite pie. From two Italian classics, to a quaffable Spanish white and red. This case is perfect for the margherita purest to the topping connoisseur.
£152.00 £142.88 (12x75cl)
Available: 5

The Loire Case

It’s fair to say that Loire wines are one of our specialities. We love this region, with it’s diversity of styles, whether White, Red, Sparkling or Sweet. Contained within this case is a Saumur Rouge from the sort after producer Domaine Guiberteau. We have a Sancerre Blanc and Rouge from Domaine Vacheron, one of the areas most elite estates, plus three more incredible wines. This is possibly one of our most exciting cases yet!

£178.50 £167.79 (6x75cl)
Available: 1

The Sparkling Wine Case

Sparkling wine is so incredibly diverse nowadays. Especially now quality can easily be found outside of Champagne. We therefore wanted to showcase what there is on offer. Included, we have some of our favourite Champagnes, two brilliant English Sparkling wines from Sussex. As well as a category beating Cava and a fizz from “Americas Oldest Winery”.
£174.50 £164.03 (6x75cl)
Available: 3

The Premium French Wine Case

These are some of the best wines from our favourite French regions and producers. From a beautifully crisp Alsace Pinot Blanc to a wonderfully rich Southern Rhone Red. This is the perfect case to make your cellar look even more impressive.

£159.00 £149.46 (12x75cl)
Available: 18

The Americas Case

In the past couple of decades wines from the across the Americas have really come into their own. This is why we’ve put together a case displaying the best of the continent. Included are favourites such as two classic Argentinian Malbec’s along with an intriguing Canadian Pinot and a unique Chilean Cinsault.

£111.50 £104.81 (6x75cl)
Available: 6

The German Case

There is so much more to German wine than its famous sweet and off-dry styles. Reisling is King here and thats why we’ve included four wines displaying all of its potential. In terms of reds, Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) competes admirably on the world stage and our two picks are certainly great examples.
£114.00 £107.16 (6x75cl)
Available: 12

The Rhone Case

The diversity of grape varieties within the Rhone has always been one of the biggest draws to this regions wines. Whether it be the big, bold, spicy Syrahs and aromatic Viogniers from the North or rounded, warm Southern Reds and complex Châteauneuf-du-Pape Whites. There is something here for everyone.
£182.50 £171.55 (6x75cl)

The Red Case

With everyone’s BBQ almost permanently grilling, we’ve decided to put together a case to pair perfectly with those extravagant meat platters. This line-up is a real discovery into the reds of the world and includes a quaffable Malbec, a whacky Grenache and a classic Chianti.
£102.00 £95.88 (12x75cl)

The White Case

A cracking selection of summer whites for those leisurely Sunday lunches. We have a fresh Prosecco that will go wonderfully as a aperitif; an award winning Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Semillon and Muscadelle blend from South West France great for those more extravagant evening meals and a Albariño from Rias Baixas that is a perfect alternative to Sauvignon Blanc.
£99.00 £93.06 (12x75cl)
Available: 10

The Iberian Case

We’ve always been great advocates of wine from the Iberian peninsular, so much so that we have a Spanish Wine maker as part of our team. This case will give you a real appreciation of what the region can offer. Included in this selection is a wonderfully fresh Cava (great for those summer salads), a white made from the ever so popular Godello grape and a Portuguese red bursting with fruit. The only thing missing is the tapas.
£129.00 £121.26 (12x75cl)
Available: 5

Southern Hemisphere Case

Specialising in South African wine has given us a real appreciation and understanding of what the Southern Hemisphere can truly achieve in their viticulture and wine making. This case contains a selection of single varietal wines from South Africa, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. This is a chance to sample classic grapes in a new style.
£143.00 £134.42 (12x75cl)
Available: 18

Picnic and BBQ Case

With Summer in full swing, we have put together the perfect wines to share with family and friends over a picnic or BBQ. Celebrate over a superb bottle of Prosecco Superiore or a glass of the crisp and fresh Ventoux Rose. We have also included two bottles of Red, including a Pinot Noir from Germany that our resident Master Sommelier describes as a “totally delicious spring Pinot Noir”.

£126.09 (12x75cl)