Domaine de Courcel, Pommard 1er Cru ‘Les Croix Noires’ 2011

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Croix Noires (0.58ha) is also located below the Rugiens, adjacent to the Frémiers. De Courcel owns more than half of the total surface of the cru. Although situated close to the Frémiers, the soil here is deeper (0.8m) containing more clay. The vines are east-facing and all around 40 years of age.

Tasting note

The wines produced have strong aromas leaning towards very ripe black cherry and also enjoy marked tannins.

About the producer

Domaine Confuron-Cotétidot was created in 1964 with the marriage of legendary winemaker Jean-Jacques “Jacky” Confuron to Bernadette Cotétidot. Jacky has since relinquished day-to-day operation of the domaine to his two sons, Yves and Jean-Pierre. With old vines spread over four villages in the Côte de Nuits, the domaine claims a very impressive array of village, Premier and Grand Cru sites.

In general, the goal is to rely on their low-yielding, late picked old vines (average 65-70 years) in order to capture each vineyard’s true character, preferring a minimalist approach in the cellar so as to achieve optimum expression. While the style here is “traditional”, it is also ample and rich with plenty of vibrant fruit from whole bunch fermentation. The wines age brilliantly.

Harvest here is always late in order to ensure the grapes are truly ripe. A long cuvaison (2-3 weeks) followed by barrel ageing for almost two years prior to bottling without fining and filtration. New oak is kept to a minimum with only minimal sulphur additions. Unusual for Burgundy, Confuron-Cotétidot’s vines have never been treated with herbicides or pesticides.

In charge of Domaine de Courcel during the mornings, Yves Confuron returns to look after the 11ha family domaine for the rest of the day, helped by his brother Jean-Pierre who also vinifies wines for Domaine Chanson. This is one of the most serious and consistent domaines in the Côte d’Or and even the village wines are superb! However, it is the Premier Cru ‘Suchots’ that is many followers’ favourite.

Regions Vintage Report:

Burgundy never ceases to surprise me! After a small miracle with 2010, I thought that it couldn’t happen again with the 2011 vintage. The year started with warm and sunny periods, early flowering, so much so that most growers were thinking of a repeat 2003. Except when the rain came along with a cool summer the harvest was pushed back a good couple of weeks eventuating with most of the grapes being picked before mid-September. The 2011 style is somewhat different though, with some comparing it to 2000 whilst others to 2007; I believe that the majority of the 2011s are much better than the wines produced during either of these vintages. Yes they are soft, fruity and appealing but they have more precision and tension too. The 2011 wines are lighter than the previous two vintages but not lacklustre; they’re charming and elegant with great precision. Naturally low in alcohol with gentle tannins and medium acidity levels they are perfect for drinking reasonably early, without any noticeable lack of balance they will age nicely too. 2011 is a very good representation of what many Burgundy producers are aspiring to achieve: seduction, delicate and precision in a vintage, where the wines just needed gentler handling to express the differences between the many array of villages and crus. The Domaines visited Bruno Colin. Beautiful ranges of whites, showing better than the 2010s at the same stage. The wines are clean, expressive and already very pleasing. The reds were also in top form and are very satisfying and still affordable. François Carillon. François has bought more vineyards this year and his Domaine is now as big as the Domaine Louis Carillon was before the two brothers split. The wines are softer and easier than 2010 but still have the class expected from the Domaine. We are shipping a small selection of wines with his son Paul’s label. Jean-Philippe Fichet. Jean-Philippe was in great form as usual when I visited him; the tasting was very interesting as we had the company of a group of students from the oenology school in Beaune. For the past 3 or 4 years, the quality of Jean-Philippe’s wines have been faultless and even the lesser wines are seriously worth considering! Thomas Morey. Thomas is one of my favourite producers. I believed in him as soon as he left his father’s Domaine and made his own wines. Simplicity is the word here. Nothing to hide, just pure and ultra precise wines, the perfect blend between the tradition inherited from his father’s huge experience and the modern and delicate touch favoured by Thomas. Lovely and new this year is a parcel of Santenay Clos St Jean red. Olivier Lamy. Olivier was in top form and I’m really pleased with his 2011s. Hard working and focused, Olivier keeps pushing the boundaries; he is extending the surface of high density vineyards, planted at 20,000 sometimes 30,000 vines per hectare. And tasting the very rare High Density Derriere Chez Edouard is a vivid proof of his successful trials. Nicolas Rossignol. Nicolas has moved to larger premises in Beaune, shared with Benjamin Leroux. Having to vinify more than 25 different cuvées is a huge challenge and the move has helped him to improve further the precision and focus of his wines. He is so confident with his 2011 that he is not afraid to say that they are superior to his 2010 and I am not one to disagree with his opinion. Burgundy 2011 Offer Domaine de Courcel. Yves Confuron brought the 2011 samples over to his Vosne Estate. As usual with Yves wines they are more backward than most of the other producers but the pedigree is there and the undeniable quality is reflected in the entire range. . Domaine De Montille. Always a pleasure to see Alix de Montille again even if she was one hour late! Really beautiful wines here, so pure reflecting their origin so well. The style has changed quite a lot in the past decade and both the reds and the whites are amongst the classiest in Burgundy. No wonder they’re so much in demand. Domaine Marc Roy. Alexandrine Roy was recovering from a knee operation so her mother showed me the wines. They were all bottled (they like to bottle early to preserve the fruit and freshness of their wines) so they were easier to assess. As always the wines were very pure and amazingly appealing even so early; there is an addition to the range this year: The Gevrey La Justice is a new acquisition of a plot of 70 years old vines. Perhaps due to the fact that they only managed the vineyards recently the wine is quite different from the others; much more opulent, ultra ripe and powerful. My favourite this year was the Clos Prieur. Domaine Robert Chevillon. Bertrand and Denis are one of the most successful Domaine in Nuits due to the incredible consistency of their vineyards and wines. I have tasted here for more than 20 years and I am yet to discover a “poor” vintage from them. Obviously the vineyard management started by their father and improved along the years has helped them in producing top class wines. And blessed by the ownership of so many different Premiers Crus, the visit is very educational and informative on the different styles produced by that diversity of terroirs. Domaine Confuron Cotetidot. Like with the De Courcel wines, Yves’s wines are always more difficult to taste in their early stages. The wines have a little more structure than most and even in a softer and more forward vintage they require more time. I was particularly impressed by the wines outside the village this year, like the Nuits St Georges and the wines from Gevrey Chambertin. We are hoping to get Yves in the UK during 2013 for a tasting of older vintages. Domaine Taupenot Merme. Our third year with Romain and I am convinced that we are working with one of the very best Domaine in Burgundy. Last year I was particularly impressed by the Grands Crus, especially the Mazoyères Chambertin. This year even the simple appellations are really delivering proving that Romain can also exploit the potential of his other terroirs. And the whites are almost on the par with the reds, something quite rare in the Cote de Nuits! Christian Honorez ©adVINture 2020

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