Domaine de Fondreche, Ventoux Rosé 2019

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Sébastien Vincenti is widely recognised as one of the two best producers in Ventoux and to make things even better, he keeps a reasonable pricing policy despite his ever-increasing reputation & growing international demand. His 38 hectares estate comprises 3 distinct vineyard sites located in 3 different communes: Mazan, Mormoiron & Saint Pierre de Vassols. The majority, a plot of 28 hectares around the domaine itself, consists of clay & limestone gravel soils, with the focus on red wine production. This is the historic heart of Fondrèche situated on a plateau, which has the ideal drainage capability, retaining enough water in times of drought, but draining well in times of rain. Regular breezes & marked diurnal temperature fluctuations ensure that the grapes mature gently and evenly, whilst also retaining plenty of natural freshness and vitality. Two further plots, totalling 10 hectares, have sand & silt soils, which are perfect for the production of elegant white & rosé wines. Although these sites would be considered late ripening terroirs for the Southern Rhône, they ripen earlier, so the fruit always retains good acidity. If some terroirs of the Southern Rhône are able to produce wines of real depth, as well as a strong mineral seam, then Fondrèche is surely worthy to be considered amongst them.

Vines worked in a very natural way, the aim being to create perfect harmony between vine, soil and environment. No chemical herbicides are used. Soils worked mechanically in order to drive the roots deep. Grass cover is encouraged. Any treatments are 100% natural. All stages of vineyard and cellar work are determined by the lunar calendar. Sébastien’s wines are polished and seductive, yet he always strives to fine-tune his techniques as each vintage passes.

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Cold maceration, followed by fermentation in barriques and foudres. Matured on lees for 6 months in vat.

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