Domaine de l’Ecu, Muscadet ‘Granite’ 2018

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Sourced from a 3 hectares vineyard, but with a southwest orientation. The Melon de Bourgogne vines average 45-55 years of age. Stony soil overlying granite subsoil. Manual harvest. Reception of harvest by gravity, no pumping. Pneumatic pressing. No débourbage. 100% natural yeasts. Ageing sur lie for 10 months in an underground tank.

Tasting note

White gold dress. Elegant nose with pronounced mineral notes, flint and flint notes, citrus notes, saline notes. The attack is clean and straight, the mouth is crystalline and full of purity; slender, plump and complex on the palate combining mineral and citrus notes. A wine with a long finish with iodized persistence.

About the producer

Frédéric Niger Van Herck’s Domaine de l’Ecu, certified organic since 1975 and biodynamic since 1992, is surely one of the most iconic estates in the entire Muscadet region. This domaine shines like a beacon of quality, inspiring generations of young producers to follow its natural, quality-focused philosophy. Originally established by Guy Bossard, and subsequently taken on by Fréd, the domaine’s undoubted mastery of producing mineral Muscadet, with a high definition of terroir is a revelation, especially considering the often seen mediocrity elsewhere in the appellation. Fréd respects his vines and his terroir with incredible intensity. He believes that wine should always reflect the origin and the vintage of its birth.

The domaine’s 22 hectares of vines comprise a veritable patchwork of different terroirs, including Gneiss, Granite, Orthogneiss and Taurus. He wants his wines to speak of their origins with ‘brio’. Fréd resorts to absolutely no artificial technology in the cellar (use of commercial yeasts, addition of enzymes etc.) since he believes that such techniques lead to dull, soulless standardisation. Sulphur levels are intentionally kept very low (on average 20-40g/total – a level that is 4 times lower than that permitted by Demeter, one of the companies with whom the domaine is certified as being biodynamic).

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