Herrero Bodega, Rueda ‘Erre de Herrero’ 2019

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100% Verdejo, harvested at dawn when cool morning temperatures help to preserve the acidity of the fruit. 40% of the vines are at least 60 years of age, sourced from Nieva, Aldeanueva del Codonal, Moraleja de Coca and Santiuste de San Juán Bautista. Grapes are pressed within hours of picking and juice from each vineyard plot is vinified separately. Batches are later blended to achieve fresh, distinctive styles. Vinified in stainless steel vats with ageing on the lees prior to bottling.

Tasting note

A wine with intense aromas, linked to the varietal and where we find balsamic and mineral nuances, a wide and structured mouth, with fruit and white flowers and a bitter memory typical of the Verdejo grape.

About the producer

Viñedos de Nieva was founded in 1989 by José María Herrero and his wife Janine Vedel, who acquired 60 hectares of vineyards which were in disarray, having been completely neglected for many years. It took a great deal of effort to restore these vineyards, especially to salvage many older vines of between 100-150 years old. In 2009 the Martue family purchased the bodega, however, in 2010, José Maria’s three sons – José María, Juan Miguel and Javier Herrero Vedel – exercised their option to be bought out and left the winery in the hands of the investor to do what he would with it. With only one vintage lost in the process and the money needed to continue the dream, the Herreros went down the road, literally, and began construction of the Herrero Bodega in 2011. Since the vineyards were never part of the investment deal the vines stayed in the family.

Nieva is famous for its deep, sandy soils with wines produced from the local white grape variety Verdejo, with a thriving winemaking tradition that dates back hundreds of years to the Jeronimo monks. Nieva has a very favourable natural environment for the production of high quality white wines, often considered the ‘Grand Cru’ of the terroirs of Rueda. With a high altitude of over 850m, Nieva’s climate is continental with very cold winters and hot, dry summers, ideal for perfect ripening and lower risk of disease. Most bodegas in Rueda are found in the northern part, where the soil is mostly clay, but here in the southern portion the soil is almost entirely sand with lots of river stones and clay subsoil, providing excellent quality. These sandy soils have literally saved this area from the ravages of phylloxera allowing for old ungrafted Verdejo vines to florish.

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