Marabino, Èureka 2020

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Syracuse, the heart of the ancient Greece, where the great classical Scientist Archimedes was born; he formulated the hydrostatic principle... and as soon as he solved the enigma he cried out "Eureka", meaning I've found it! It is emotion, joy, astonishment. Èureka comes from two vineyards of different clones, spurred cordon chardonnay. A vineyard is cultivated on limestone gray soils, along a “saia” (water drains, built by the Arabs) which gives it cooler and more humid temperatures; the other vineyard is on deep, fresh clay-black soils. EUREKA is a wine with its own identity, which clearly reflects the territory in which the vines are cultivated. It does not confer typical variegated notes, but it expresses the aromas and flavors typical of this south-eastern Sicily area. The grapes, are vinified in steel tanks with the skins, for about fifteen days, it mature in the steel tanks until the following spring with continuous Bâtonnage, carried out according to the moon phases.

About the producer

Situated in the south-east of Sicily in the heart of the Noto Valley (on a latitude south of Tunis), Marabino own 30 hectares of vineyards on low hills, enjoying a
generally mild microclimate until Summer with average temperatures reaching some of the highest on the island, tempered by proximity to the sea. The soil is
predominantly calcareous clay, the altitude varies between 30 and 80 metres above sea level, and high-density planting on slopes allows maximum exposure whilst harnessing the cooling prevailing winds of the region. As a result consistently well-ripened grapes can be selected and harvested by hand, and then fermented spontaneously with indigenous yeasts. The young team at Marabino’s mission is to work in harmony with Mother Nature, to produce wines that are free from synthetic chemicals from the vineyard to the cellar to capture a true expression of the Noto Valley.

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