The Liberator, Muscat Napoleon Bona Part Four ‘Episode 12’ 2019

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Meet the Ecologist acknowledges the role played by all those vine-hugging, dungaree-wearing, sandal-shod, great-unwashed stereotypes making biological wines. You know the type – the ones with long, unkept beards (and that’s just the women) who can be found in their vines smoking their cover-crop. This is almost certainly the only organically certified Pinot Grigio to be found in the Cape and a long-way removed from those cheap, industrial examples found north-east of the Apennines.

About the producer

Beyond the periphery of South Africa’s conventional vineyard regions lie great vinous treasures, resigned to anonymity: forgotten, abandoned or just simply undiscovered. It is the mission of Richard Kelley MW to seek out and liberate these rare parcels of wines; maybe they come from an occasional experimental batch or possibly an interesting off-cut from some proud winemaker’s latest premium release. As ‘The Liberator’, Richard procures these precious vinous orphans and consigns them to a better home.

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